Out For Australia


Your Role With Us

Out for Australia has trained over 100 volunteers in LGBTIQ+ mentoring, support and leadership generally.  While all our roles are volunteer roles, we always seek to ensure that our volunteers find their experience worthwhile, rewarding and full of impact.


Your responsibilities are set out in your position description.  If you have forgotten what those are, you can find your position description again in our Google Drive folder. We will discuss with you your role with OFA periodically. This discussion will be with your state director (if you are part of the state team) or the National People and Enablement Coordinator (if you are part of the national team). This is not a performance review; it's a chance for you to talk about your role, whether you're getting as much out of it as you expected, whether you'd be interested in changing roles and whether you will like us to re-advertise for your role.


As well as your responsibilities in your role, every volunteer in the organisation is responsible for:


  • learning about, promoting and participating in the mentoring program

  • attending, promoting and assisting with events (though, of course, you won't be expected to attend everyone one)

  • promoting the organisation among people that share our vision and

  • reading and abiding by our policies and procedures.


As a way to thank you for your hard work for our community, we want to make sure you leave OFA feeling engaged and rewarded.  Some of the great reasons benefits of being an Out for Australia volunteer include:


  • high-quality training through our Out for Australia Academy where our experienced volunteers and key corporate partners train you on leadership so you have skills and training you need to succeed in your role with Out for Australia, as well as your career

  • access to our networks of mentors, student leaders, community leaders including the ability to request your own mentor to assist you in your role, and

  • a letter of reference from the CEO or state director (as appropriate) detailing your role in Out for Australia, your key achievements and a record of your diversity training through Out for Australia Academy.​


Feedback is a critical part of making our organisation better. It is essential that we collect feedback on each of our initiatives wherever practical and collect feedback from you, our volunteers.


Mentoring: we collect feedback through a national mentoring review that occurs twice a year through an online survey developed and analysed by the mentoring team and issued each June and December. However, we also collect feedback on an ad hoc basis through the state mentoring coordinators.


Events: feedback must be collected for every event. Usually, the method with the highest response rate is simply creating a hard copy event feedback form - example and leaving it on chairs or tables with pens.  Alternatively, you can use a Google Form to be emailed after the event. It is the event coordinators responsibility to procure feedback and put the results in the events feedback mastersheet


Volunteers: we collect feedback from our volunteers through a national volunteers survey which is distributed at least twice a year. You can review the 2016 volunteers survey.