Out for Australia recognises that female identifying and non-binary LGBTIQ students and aspiring and established professionals face unique challenges at the workplace and at universities.

Through the Out for Australia Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD) Program, we aim to support and encourage female identifying and non-binary LGBTIQ aspiring professionals through providing relevant events, resources, mentors and opportunities. We aim to ensure the benefits of Out for Australia’s services are accessible for all interested people in an inclusive and diverse environment.


Gender &
sex diversity

Here's what we do



Our Gender and Sexuality Diversity Program includes:


  • events open to all professionals, aspiring LGBTIQ professionals and allies that will focus on the experiences of female identifying and non-binary people. These events provide strong role models, a forum for full and frank discussion, and a space to connect with a broad spectrum of the LGBTIQ and ally community

  • events open to just female identifying and non-binary people, which offers a smaller, intimate and informal space to meet fellow mentors and mentees involved in our Mentoring Program as well as other female identifying and non-binary LGBTIQ professionals.


Visit our Eventbrite page or like us on Facebook for a full list of our current events.


Mentoring program


Through our Mentoring Program, Out for Australia pairs female and non-binary students and professionals in a mentor/mentee relationship. See Mentoring for more information.



Our Gender and Sexuality Diversity Program also shares interesting and helpful resources and other opportunities, and engages in relevant original research.


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