Mentoring Partner

At Mentorloop, we believe that the right connection can change a life.

Mentorloop is a cloud-based mentoring software platform which enables organisations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale - saving program coordinators time and improving people outcomes.

Mentorloop enables you to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture by empowering underrepresented people and groups to develop skills, leadership, and confidence – through the power of effective mentoring.

With custom program promotion, instant mentor-mentee sign-up, quick matching and self-matching, a communication portal, goal-setting features resource and content tracks, and program health analytics and reporting - Mentorloop makes mentoring management easy and effective for you and your organisation.

Mentorloop supports many people globally, with mentoring programs focused on supporting LGBTIQ+ communities within organisations and beyond.

We’d love to show you how Mentorloop can work for your organisation, simply request a demo at your leisure, or get in touch via email at