Our Queensland Universities Diversity Network

Out for Australia presents the Queensland Universities Diversity Network (QUDN), proudly supported by Aurizon


Many university student groups and representative organisations statewide provide support to thousands of LGBTIQ students and many of these students face challenges including higher rates of unemployment, on-the-job discrimination and lower wages. This network exists to give opportunity for university student leaders to build partnerships with other universities as well as professional and community organisations and connect those people with the Out for Australia Mentoring Program and events.

The aim of the network is to provide stronger career opportunities for LGBTIQ students through student leadership training and on-the-ground support for  their representative groups on campus. This support ensures support for LGBTIQ students whilst studying, when transitioning from uni to work and in introducing them to inclusive employers.


What does the QUDN do?


The network aims to have all 9 of Queensland’s universities world leaders in creating safe, comfortable and open campuses for LGBTIQ students. It does this in five ways:


  1. Introduces student and staff diversity leaders to one another across Queensland so they can have their own discussions on how to make universities diverse, safe and inclusive.

  2. Hosts monthly meetings of Network Leaders to report on progress at each university on the ground.  These meetings are in major regional cities and towns, not just in Brisbane.

  3. Hosts online forums and seminars to assist LGBTIQ leaders remotely.

  4. Manages State-wide projects to promote diversity and inclusion across Queensland campuses.

  5. Connect students and staff with the Out for Australia Mentoring Program to provide them with one-on-one support as they lead diversity at their universities

Who are our Network leaders?


The network members are student leaders representing LGBTIQ university student organisations. They are given access to tools and resources to help them support students on their campus whilst also building strong professional leadership skills. Network leaders have access to a statewide network of leaders, professionals and the wider community.  We currently have Network leaders from the following universities:


  • Bond University

  • Central Queensland University

  • Griffith University

  • James Cook University

  • Queensland University of Technology

  • Southern Cross University

  • The University of Queensland


And vacancies are to be filled for the following universities with applications opening soon:


  • Sunshine Coast University

  • Australian Catholic Universities


How do I apply to be a Network leader?


The student leaders are selected by the Out for Australia QLD Executive team if they are able to fulfil the following criteria:


  • Able to communicate effectively

  • Have prior experience or are involved in their local LGBTIQ community

  • Committed to the Out for Australia’s vision to be Australia’s leading organisation for LGBTIQ professionals and aspiring professionals.

  • Balance the position with study and other commitments

  • Take on a challenge and have leadership capabilities


The network is designed around a commitment of one year. Requirements of being a network member include connecting with other universities to organise events and projects, as well as attend monthly online teleconference meetings. Out for Australia provides online leadership seminars and monthly forums at universities and in the community to provide a convenient avenue for network members to connect and build upon existing goals of the network.

Please contact qldoutreach@outforaustralia.org with any enquiries regarding the network.  If you would like to keep in the loop about the Network and other Out for Australia events, please fill out an expression of interest form.