Vas Punyane


Vasudha (Vas) Punyane is an Indian and queer-identifying person. They are Out for Australia's National Communications Manager, and take care of the Facebook and Instagram channels. They are currently on a gap-year from University and are returning in 2020 to pursue a degree in Secondary Maths Education. In their spare time, they can be found listening to music, reading, or looking into different forms of intersectionality.


Paige Wilcox


Paige is an Australian author, medical student coordinator, public speaker, and award-winning activist best known for the semi-autobiographical Memoirable series. Assigned male at birth, Paige spent her earliest years living in regional communities in Southern Queensland before moving north to the coastal town Bowen. Paige released a YouTube series in 2012 about her transition from male to female, which was followed up with a blog (2015) and series of novellas (2016; 2017; 2018) that intimately explore how a trans identity can affect family, work, healthcare and love. Paige is a regular on Queer panels at her own and other workplaces, and has also written for The University of Queensland and Out for Australia.


Luke Furness

Luke Furness is a director and former CEO of Out for Australia and a senior lawyer in the commercial litigation group at Clayton Utz.  He was a founding committee member of the Clayton Utz LGBTI Alliance and is a regular speaker and contributor to corporate and student diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Stephanie White

Steph joined as an associate with the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney this year after studying Science (Hons) and Law at the University of Sydney. At university she participated in intervarsity debating, being named third best speaker in the world in 2018 and serving as deputy chief adjudicator of the world debating championships in 2019. She is passionate about advancing the rights and interests of the LGBT+ community, both within the workforce and broader society. 

Anna Green

Anna Green is a Senior Partner and Managing Director in Boston Consulting Group’s Sydney office and leader of the firm's People function across Asia-Pacific. She spends most of her time working with telcos, media and consumer organisations and also co-leads BCG’s global Media practice. Anna is also a core member of the Consumer, Marketing, Sales & Pricing, and People & Organization practices. She is passionate about all aspects of diversity as key to building healthy, high performing organisations and is proud to be a supporter of the LGBTIQ community and her role in helping BCG progress significantly in this space.