Out For Australia


About us


Out for Australia is a national LGBTIQ+ mentoring organisation. Our mission is to provide visible role models, mentors, and other support to aspiring LGBTIQ professionals and to strengthen the sense of community among professionals and students. Our vision is to be Australia’s leading organisation for LGBTIQ professionals and aspiring professionals.


We first existed as Out for Sydney, which was launched in September 2013 in Sydney. Out for Australia was officially launched in March 2015, followed by launches in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia in 2015, and ACT in 2016. We now cater to LGBTIQ students and professionals interested or currently working in all industries and all professions.


Out for Australia is an independent organisation that is not affiliated with any university, student organisation or political party or organisation. We are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Out for Australia is officially endorsed as having Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, meaning any donations to Out for Australia are tax deductible.

What we are

We are:


  • a LGBTIQ university student mentoring organisation

  • charity and non-profit

  • leadership and training provider for mentors, mentees and supporters

  • thought leader and content creator

  • forum for networking and friendship.

What we are not

We are not:


  • politically partisan.  Although we do ask politicians to speak at our events and are committed to engaging constructively with politicians and politics, our focus is on LGBTIQ student mentoring, not political positions or advocacy.

  • politically motivated or motivated by a change of law - however, we do engage and refer our members that want to participate in this

  • a recruitment provider.  Many students may be anxious to use their OFA networks to find jobs.  While it's positive if this happens, mentoring is not the same as finding and getting a job

  • a business referral network

  • a social club.  While many attendees enjoy the social aspect of our events, our core focus in mentoring.

Organisational structure

Out for Australia has over 60 volunteers across our regions. The organisation is supervised by a board of directors with legal authority to act on the organisation's behalf. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sits on the board as an executive director and the remainder of the board members are non-executive directors for corporate governance purposes.

The CEO overseas the National Team comprised of the Deputy CEO, the Chief Operations Officer (COO), the Brand and Design Coordinator, the Communications Coordinator, the Partnerships Coordinator and the State Directors. The Deputy CEO and the COO also have a number of national roles reporting to them.


The State Director is responsible for all State roles. If you are in the State team, as well as reporting to your State Director, you will also work closely with your national counterpart (for example, there are State Partnerships Coordinators and National Partnerships Coordinators).

What we provide

Mentee value

  • be comfortable, confident and supported - at university, at work and in the community

  • develop professionally - through our comprehensive mentoring curriculum and access to some of industry’s greatest mentors

  • form friendships - at our events through our approachable, professional and open style.

  • access our networks - our mentors, partners and friends can help you develop and succeed in your career.


Mentor value

  • share experiences - and recognise the power of your story on younger generations

  • form friendships - at our events through our approachable, professional and open style

  • build connections - with mentors, mentees, and our very supportive partners and friends

  • give back to the LGBTIQ community - through making a genuine difference to someone transitioning into the workforce.


Partner value

  • recruitment - recruit and retain the best with access to a new pool of students.

  • foster talent and employee engagement - through encouraging your employees to become involved as mentors and supporters

  • brand - increase the value of brand among your clients and customers.

  • community leadership and engagement - give back to the community through a program with genuine social impact.


Volunteer value

  • develop professionally - through our comprehensive training platform and your experiences as a diversity leader

  • form friendships  - by connecting with our other volunteers, partners and mentors

  • give back to the LGBTIQ Community - through making a genuine difference to someone transitioning into the workforce

  • access our networks - our mentors, partners and friends can help you develop and succeed in your role with Out for Australia and your career.


Community value

  • provide strong community leaders - both through our volunteers, mentees and supporters

  • celebrate other outstanding organisations and initiatives - through cross-promotion and collaborating with other organisations 

  • explore critical Issues in the LGBTIQ community - through our events series, guest speakers and online initiatives

  • provide thought leadership - through mentoring and gender and sex diversity resources and as keynote speakers and panellists.

Our goals

In 2017

The intranet version of the 2017 goals is currently being finalised.  Please refer to the State director goals 2017 in the meantime.